Ruth Rendely discusses the Multiple Soul Theory

Dr. Karen Kan's interview with Ruth Rendely about the Rendely Method of soul healing

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What We Do

 Ruth Rendely has been using a successful method of treating depression  and other deep soul issues for the past 28 years based upon the idea  that many of us have more than one soul.  Since her focus nowadays lies  with administrating the Seraphim Blueprint, she has trained four others, three Americans and one Turkish woman, in confidently using her  techniques (see photos on following page). Along with soul analysis and  corrections, they will give you practical guidance and answer your  questions. They work with Spirit Guides and Angels to clear your aura  and body of unwanted negativity of all kinds.

They can help  resolve relationship problems through distant healing, removing negative  energy from both your home and your workplace. 


 A relationship I have been in for over eight months was almost becoming  an obsession because it was moving so slowly. Since I discussed this  with you, the intensity of this relationship has moved dramatically. I  feel such a release and breakthrough in our communications. This love is so sweet, gentle. -  Beth, California

I have gained more insight  into my life situation, particularly my love relationship, from your  soul readings than I have through two years of therapy. Thank you for  empowering me to begin to take positive steps towards improving my life.            -  Dwayne, NYC