• Analyzing your soul situation
  • Removing negative thought forms
  • Removing negative entities (lost souls, dark angels)
  • Sending to the Light  extra souls that are causing you illness, or are depressed


The Book

Ruth Rendely published her work in 2015

The book is now available in English and Turkish, and can be purchased online.

Some More Testimonials

Ruth  Rendely has a gift who brings light and healing to all of us! This book  is a "must read" for those of us on "the path."  I do not write this without an experience to back it up: my story about how Ruth facilitied a  miracle in my life is in chapter 11! Language does not allow me the  ability to express my deep, loving appreciation for Ruth and how her  gift and work has changed my life beyond what I could have ever  imagined! This book is like nothing you have ever read!!       - Kelli, Seattle

Every once in a while someone opens for us a marvelous doorway to surprise, and Ruth Rendely is one of those people.

For  those of you who believe in "the soul," or "a soul," whose seat is  often said to be the heart, writer and educator Ruth Rendely will be an  agent of surprise. Her simple theory -- that some of us have more than  one soul -- may seem illogical at first, but the further you get into  her book, the more you will find yourself coming to the view her  "theory" as an accurate description of one aspect of reality.

Through  channeled material and case studies Ruth Rendely has shown us a deeper  way of understanding ourselves and those we love. I recommend this short  engaging book to you. It may open the door to exactly the information  you've been seeking with no success.  -  Andrew Ramer, Author of Ask Your Angels


Q. How can I know if I am multiple-souled?

A. If you are very complicated, you likely have more than one soul.

Q. Is everyone multiple-souled?

A.  No, not everyone, but in more technologically advanced societies there are more complex tasks requiring more collective soul groupings like this.